2.3 Plate Meter

Plate Meter (Total)

Soil health indicator: forage volume in kg DM / ha

Assess your forage volume using an automatic meter tool. Fast and effective method.


  • Rising plate meter

Doing test:

  1. Walk W across the field – taking readings every 20 paces or so
  2. Record the total reading for the field on the plater metre in the app

What to record in the Sectormentor for Soils app:

  • The Plate Meter will give you a value for the kg of Dry Matter per Hectare (kg DM/Ha) for that field.
  • Normally need to take 30+ measures per field (depending on which Plate Meter you have).

How often:

Take readings fortnightly or more in-season. Monthly in off-season.

Resources: https://soils.sectormentor.com/case-study/know-your-soils-9-the-plate-meter/