2.2 Sward Stick

Sward Stick (kg DM/ha)

Soil health indicator: forage volume in kg DM/ ha

Determine your forage volume, using a compressed Sward Stick.


  • Sward Stick
  • Clipboard (allows you to ‘compress’ the sward to take the reading)

Doing test:

  1. Place clipboard onto to sward
  2. Push Sward Stick firmly down to soil surface
  3. Read value on the Sward Stick level with the underside of the clipboard
  4. Record in app

What to record in the Sectormentor for Soils app:

  • Value on the Sward Stick which is a pre-calibrated number with units: kg DM/Ha (kg of Dry Matter per Hectare).
  • Take 40+ measures

How often?:

Take readings fortnightly or more in-season, monthly in off-season



USA (Pasture stick or grazing stick): https://www.nrcs.usda.gov/wps/cmis_proxy/…/Grazing_Stick_Manual.pdf