Soil Testing Guide

Below you will find all the information you need to choose where to do tests, how often, equipment needed and exactly how to do each test.
All tests are designed so that they are easy to remember, so you should not need to take these instructions into the field.
These materials and methodologies have been developed in collaboration with the PFLA and soils health advisor Niels Corfield.
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1.0 VESS

1.1 Earthworm Count

1.2 Slake

1.3 Infiltration Rate

1.4 Legume Nodules

1.4 Rhizosheaths

1.4 Spading Ease

1.5 Topsoil Depth

1.6 Probe Depth

2.0 % Broadleaf, Grasses, Undesirables Cover

2.0 Bare Soil

2.0 No. Broadleaf, Grass, Undesirable Species

2.0 Sward Density

2.1 Brix (%) & (Fuzzy)

2.2 Sward Stick

2.3 Plate Meter

2.4 Sap pH

3.0 Fence Post Insertion

3.1 Penetrometer

3.2 Soil pH

Equipment – 4 Steps to Make a Quadrat

plate meter sectormentor for soils

Equipment List

Soils Advisor – Niels Corfield

When & How Often Should I Do Tests?

Where do I do Each Test and How Many Times per Field?

Which Fields Should I Monitor?

Which tests should I do?