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Getting started monitoring on our farm – Abby Rose

  Sunday morning early my dad and I went out to observe and investigate our soils on our farm in Chile. As you may know 2017 was a very difficult year for my family’s small farm as the mega fires in Chile consumed our farm, burning all our crops — olives and vines, just the buildings survived.…

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Ian Boyd – Whittington Lodge Farm

Ian Boyd is a farmer and wildlife photographer, who has been farming at Whittington Lodge Farm since he took it over from his father about 40 years ago. He sadly watched the wildlife decline significantly on his 700 acre farm as he grew monoculture cereals for 30 years. Plus his thin Cotswold Brash soils got…

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Tim Williams – English Farm

“My role here is to look after the land. My aim really is to be a carbon negative farmer.” Tim Williams is a young farmer, based at English Farm, near Reading. He spent many years farming in New Zealand’s more intensive systems before moving here to find ways of farming that regenerate soils and mitigate…

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Rob Richmond – Manor Farm Chedworth

Rob Richmond grew up on a dairy farm and has managed 300 organic dairy cows at Manor Farm Chedworth for the last 10 years. At some point Rob started recognising that things had to change in the industry, soils were depleting even though farmers were doing there best to manage their farms. So Rob did…

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2000 1333 Sectormentor for Soils

Fidelity Weston – Romshed Farm

Fidelity Weston is a wonderfully positive and curious farmer, she was previously Chairman of Kent Wildlife Trust and sees farming as a way to work with the natural world around. As with many farmers, she cares about her animals, biodiversity on the land and of course has to make ends meet. We arrived at Romshed…

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“In 30 years of farming I have never looked at my soils in this way and with the app I can easily collect information and learn from it.”
Fidelity Weston, Romshed Farm
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