Understand your soils, build soil health

Sectormentor for Soils is an app that helps you monitor the health of soils on farm. This is the first step to a more regenerative approach to farming.

Soil Test:

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“I realised that a healthy farm is all about healthy soils. The app is brilliant it makes it easy for me to monitor my own soils.”
Ian Boyd, Whittington Lodge Farm
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Videos from the field of how to do key soil tests and use the app

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Why use Sectormentor for Soils?

Your own soils toolbox

No more reports from a lab. Monitor your soil health with your own tests on soil biology, chemistry and physics.

More informed decisions

Make more informed management decisions as you start to fully understand how things are evolving above and below ground on your farm.

Easy to use

Made by farmers for farmers. This app is simple, all farmers pick it up in less than 5 minutes, no faff.

Learn from other farmers

Be connected to a community of farmers all monitoring their soils and sharing their learnings as they go.

“In 30 years of farming I have never looked at my soils in this way and with the app I can easily collect information and learn from it.”
Fidelity Weston, Romshed Farm
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How does it work?

List of tests in app

The app lists the test you can do in each field. Just select the test you want and enter the value to record your results.

Do tests in field

All tests are simple and can be done from memory. Go to the Soil Tests page to see a how-to for each test to get you started.

Observe and analyse patterns

Back in the office, see all your test results across multiple fields over time and begin to understand what’s working and what’s not for your farm.

“My aim is to be carbon negative farmer.
I have learnt more about my soils doing these tests than from any soils report.”
Tim Williams, English Farm
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  • 1 farm
  • up to 6 fields
  • multiple users
  • data accessible online
  • graphs & analysis
  • knowledge-base support
  • members forum
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Subscription ($)


  • 1 farm
  • up to 6 fields
  • multiple users
  • data accessible online
  • graphs & analysis
  • knowledge-base support
  • members forum
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How this came about and what to expect

We have worked with multiple farmers, the Pasture Fed Livestock Association (PFLA) and soils advisor Niels Corfield to develop an app with a series of low-cost soils tests that you can do on your own farm.

No paper, no writing lengthy observations, with the app you follow the list of soil tests and then quickly and easily enter a number to record your result. No internet needed.

When you get back to the office, synchronise the phone and all your measurements will be online. No need to download specialist software, it can be viewed on any computer when you login to the website.

As you take more measurements across the year, you can use the graphs to compare results and see how your soils are evolving.

By observing both above and below ground you can start to make management decisions that work with your whole farm, bringing all your soils into good health.

“You need to keep plants in the ground as much as possible if you’re going to build soil carbon.
We are always moving towards permanent pasture and now we can use the app to monitor how biological activity changes over time.”
Rob Richmond, Manor Farm Chedworth
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We are part of a future where independent farms thrive

We are farmers

We have a 12 hectare family farm in Chile. As fellow farmers we fully understand the joys of farming and the difficulties. We also understand we all need to have diversified, resilient farming businesses. We created these apps originally for our own farm. After talking to neighbours we realised that no one is making digital tools for farms like ours. So we started to share what we made with farmers in Chile and then in the UK, where half of the family (and much of our small team) are based.

We enable independent farmers with digital tools

We aren’t talking Artificial Intelligence, robots and drones. Yes, they may be useful in a more distant future but there are super simple digital tools we can use today that can revolutionise the opportunities for independent farmers like ourselves.
We want to ensure that independent farms continue to thrive in this increasingly digital world, and can take advantage of the amazing opportunities to be connected, learn together and collect data for our own farms to make better informed choices going forward.



Abby: CEO & Co-founder

Abby loves creating digital tools that enable independent farmers to thrive – both these apps and the podcast Farmerama Radio. She also helps run the farm in Chile with Tom.

Inti: CTO & Co-founder

Inti is excited about creating digital tools that are simple and easy to use on the farm.

Tom: Farmer & Co-founder

Tom is head farmer and runs their 12 ha farm in Chile (he is Abby’s dad).

Professor Jennifer Dungait: Soils Health Expert

Jenni is a passionate and inspiring soil health expert with 20 years experience in academic research and communication, with a particular specialism in agriculture. She is working with us on effective soil health monitoring and much more.

Find out more about Jenni and her research

Dr John Meadley, PFLA: Partner Organisation

John is President and a founding member of the Pasture Fed Livestock Association (PFLA). He helped create a collaborative group of farmers, soils experts and scientists to monitor soil health under pasture.
We began a partnership with the PFLA last year using the app to help monitor soils using simple tests on 5 PFLA farms.

Read more about John and the PFLA

Niels Corfield: Soils Advisor

Niels Corfield has worked in permaculture and regenerative farming for over 10 years. He helps farmers build healthy soils through good management practices.
Niels is the soils advisor who has worked with the Pasture Fed Livestock Association and ourselves to put together the collection of soil tests we use in the app.

Find out more about Niels and his services

Case Studies

Hear from farmers who are already using the app